Capitol Helicopters provides a wide variety of services to private parties, public utilities, and government agencies.

Some of our more common services include:

Charter Service

When traveling regionally, there is often no better way to get where you are going than by helicopter. Our charter customers range from sightseers and couples on a weekend getaway to business people who need to make the most of every minute.



Utility Support

Building and maintaining thousands of miles of utility lines is no small task. Our utility-providing customers rely on Capitol Helicopters to do the precision lifting in terrain or conditions that make airlifting a safer or more effective choice.

We also provide patrol services at wire level so that specially trained utility employees onboard can identify potential threats to safe and reliable electrical service before they become a bigger problem.

Fire Suppression

When wildfires threaten to burn out of control, Capitol Helicopters is often called into the battle to fight them. A precision drop of several hundred gallons of water from a helicopter can make the critical difference in what is saved and what is lost to the flames.

Our teams of helicopters, pilots, mechanics, and ground crews respond to calls from State and Federal agencies throughout the western United States as part of a cooperative effort to minimize the damage to life and property that uncontrolled fire can cause.

Agricultural Operations

California’s Central Valley produces more than half of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts grown in the United States each year. Protecting these crops requires mitigating the potentially devastating effects of frost or moisture that presents itself at a precarious time in a crop growth cycle.

Our helicopters protect the viability of crops and farmers’ investment by flying low to move the coldest frosty air away from low-lying plantings, or blow-drying moisture off crops susceptible to damage from late-season rain.