Capitol Helicopters Achieves Completion of HAI-APS, Featured in Vertical Aviation International’s 2023 Report

Capitol Helicopters has been recognized in Vertical Aviation International’s (VAI) 2023 Annual Report for its significant achievement in completing the HAI’s Accreditation Program of Safety (HAI-APS) in 2023. This program, known for its stringent safety standards, combines the best practices of the International Standard for Business Aircraft Operations (IS-BAO) and helicopter mission-specific standards (HMSS), offering a robust framework for safety in aviation operations.

Paul Kargus, the Director of Safety at Capitol Helicopters, highlighted the company’s dedication to leading the industry in safety standards. He shared, “We’ve always aimed to be at the forefront, setting high safety standards for ourselves. The HAI-APS was a clear path to enhancing our safety performance and culture.”

The program has enabled Capitol Helicopters to improve its safety culture significantly, achieving high scores in safety audits. This accomplishment has not gone unnoticed, with Chris Hill, VAI’s Senior Director of Safety, commending Capitol Helicopters for being one of the last to complete the program in its current form. Hill revealed plans for launching a new, streamlined safety accreditation program at the HAI HELI-EXPO 2024, aimed at making safety accreditation more accessible and focused on operational risk and resilience.

The new Operational Risk and Resilience Accreditation (ORRA) Program is designed to be more straightforward, basing accreditation on an operator’s existing safety management system and emphasizing risk management with easier-to-understand checklists. While the new program will not require IS-BAO standards, operators can still opt for them.

Capitol Helicopters’ achievement in completing the HAI-APS underscores its commitment to maintaining the highest safety standards, setting an example for the aviation industry as it moves towards implementing the new ORRA Program.

Our Collaboration with PG&E

Capitol Helicopters in Action

We’re delighted to share a new video by PG&E that features our collaboration with PG&E in developing a more secure and dependable energy system in California. The video, showcasing PG&E lineworker Bree Kral and her crew, prominently displays our helicopters. Our aircraft play a pivotal role in reinforcing infrastructure resilience to combat climate change, including enhancing poles and burying power lines.

This video demonstrates our aerial support in PG&E’s endeavor to adopt advanced technologies and elevate safety measures. Being a part of the PG&E team, this partnership highlights our commitment to superior service and our collective effort in shaping a brighter future for California.

PG&E Proud to Make Our System Safer for Our Customers

A Woman-Owned Business Gives PG&E’s Aviation Operations a Lift 

(Photo of Kaysha Ross by Aubrey Ross)

We’re thrilled to announce that Capitol Helicopters has been featured in a PG&E Currents article! This piece highlights our collaborative efforts with PG&E, providing critical aviation services in California’s diverse landscapes. It’s a testament to our dedicated team and our commitment to community and economic development. We invite you to read the article and share in our journey. Thank you for your continued support!

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Article By John Kaufman featured in PG&E Currents | 3.31.23

Capitol Helicopters discusses its remarkable growth

We’re excited to share that Capitol Helicopters has been featured in Vertical Magazine! Our journey from a small flight school to a fleet of diverse aircraft in just a few years highlights our dedication to utility aviation and infrastructure support in California. This feature is a tribute to our hardworking team and the strong leadership of Kaysha and Casey Ross. We invite you to read our story and celebrate this milestone with us!

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Article by John Duke featured in Vertical Magazine | JUNE 29, 2022