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Flight Instruction

Airline Transport Pilot

We will advise a custom program to help you achieve all upgrades to Airline Transport Pilot certification.

Flight Instruction

Class Room Flight Instruction

One on One sessions or Group Ground with our FAA approved Certified Flight Instructors.

Flight Instruction

Commercial Pilot Helicopter

  • 70 Hours -  R22 Beta II
  • (Sea Level and Mountain Time)
  • 35 Hours - Class Room time

Flight Instruction

Flight Instructor Helicopter

  • 10 Hours -  R22 Beta II
  • 20 Hours Class Room Time

Flight Instruction

Helicopter Add-on Rating

For Fixed Wing Pilots

  • Private
  • Commercial
  • Instrument

Flight Instruction

Helicopter External Load

Part 141

  • 10 Hours -  R44 Raven II
  • 3 Hours Class Room Time

Flight Instruction

Instrument Rating Helicopter

  • 40 Hours Flight Time - R44 Raven II
  • IFR Trainer  (Garmin 430, HSI)
  • 30 Hours - Class Room Time

Commercial Services

Long Line Work

Long Line Work for remote and hard to reach locations.